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Quizzn has decided to seek support from people that matter to us. We're raising funds for further development and improvement of Quizzn to make it your favorite study tool. And we believe we can do it. Also, we've prepared some sweet rewards for our supporters, don't forget to check it out, we think you'll like it. Anyway, check out "Quizzn - Social Learning" project on Kickstarter.com and let us know what your think. Thank you for your support! Stay focused, and happy studying!

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Study groups

Quizzn becomes more and more useful tool to study. New feature allows to create study groups to share materials and discuss anything together. Anyone can create a study group, anyone can become a member of a study group. To become a member, you need to be approved by a founder or manager of the group.

Images are everywherebeta

Major update has arrived! Quizzn now supports images for question, choice and even as quiz cover.

Adding questions gets easier

Two improvements were made to make it easier to add questions to your quizzes. First, after you entered a text (in question field), you can select a piece of text you wish to be a correct answer. Selected text will be replaced with underscores.
Second, when you type a possible answer to some question, Quizzn will suggest you possible choices. Don't forget, that you can add as many choices as you wish, but only one has to be correct. Try it out...

Requiz questions

Now you can requiz questions from other quizzes to mention it in your quiz. Note, that you can not edit questions that is not created by you, but you still can add explanation and comment, and now, add and practice in your quiz.
Another way to use 'Requiz' feature is to create quizzes from existing questions. That way quizzes can be much more flexible and there's no need to duplicate same question over and over.

Android and iOS apps

Yes, that's right, both platforms are now supported. At this time, 'Requiz' feature is not yet supported in mobile apps, but it'll be fixed soon.

It's easy and free

All you need to do to start using the application is sign up.


Your cabinet

Cabinet is the place where you can access your quizzes as well as the quizzes you subscribed for. Also it shows your progress by category and by your quizzes.


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Create new quizzes

New quizzes

Easily create new quizzes. If you can't find related category, add a new one.

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Add questions

After you've added a quiz, it's good to add some questions to it. And of course, at least one (correct) answer. You can add as many choices as you want, but only one has to be correct

Add questions

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Multiple Choice Quiz

Quiz it

Since you've created some quizzes (or subscribed for some), now you can practice it in multiple choice quiz. In case you've created only one (correct) choice to some question, more choices will appear from the same quiz

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Review flashcards

Also, you can review all questions in a form of flashcards.

Flash it Flash it

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Keep track


Every time you practice, your progress is saved in 'Practice journal'. You will find that it's very helpful to check what questions you know best and what you need to review.

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Browse and search for quizzes of others.


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Reference and Comment


Add explanation and comment your questions or questions of others.

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And more features are coming...

Such as more fun ways to study.